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Commercial Appraisals

Our team of appraisers can assist you with any valuation service you require within the commercial industry throughout all of Southwestern Ontario.

The Agrecomm Appraisal Group has been active in urban and rural markets since our inception. Our team has completed commercial appraisals for years, and we expect our ICI sector to be an ever-expanding part of our business.

Our team of AACI designated appraisers can help you with these types of appraisals:



Multi-family Properties

Vacant Land

Special Use Properties


Industrial Property Appraisals

Working across Southwestern Ontario, we’ve gained experience in all sectors of the industrial market, including:

* Owner & Tenant Occupied Industrial Properties
* Food Processing Facilities
* Multi-tenant Holdings
* Industrial Condominium
* Single User Buildings
* Cross-Docks
* Cold Storage
* Factory and Manufacturing
* Distribution and Fulfillment Centres
* Laboratories and R&D
* Light Industrial
* Warehouse
* Heavy Industrial
* Transportation Repair Facilities
* Shipping Facility
* Self Storage

Commercial Property Appraisals

Commercial Property Appraisals

Our team of commercial real estate appraisers are actively involved in valuing commercial properties throughout Southwestern Ontario for property owners, lenders, lawyers, estate planners, tax purposes, insurance, and investment decisions.

* Commercial and Residential
* Commercial Condominium
* Buildings
* Dental Offices
* Commercial Retail
* Medical Offices
* Big Box Commercial
* Professional Offices
* Shopping Malls
* Highway Commercial
* Service Commercial
* Banks

Vacant Land Appraisal

Vacant Land Appraisals

Our appraisal team appraises all types of land and development land in all stages of development. We pride ourselves on being well-versed in all types of development land appraisals.

* Industrial Land
* Institutional Land
* Commercial Land
* Agricultural Land
* Residential Land
* Bush Lots
* Speculative Development Land
* Waterfront Lots

Multi-Family Property Commercial Appraisal

Multi-Family Property Appraisals

Our commercial real estate appraisers routinely appraise existing and new multi-family projects throughout southwestern Ontario and in smaller communities across the region.

* Duplex
* Apartment Building
* Triplex
* Condominium Apartment Building
* Walk-Up Apartment
* Rooming Homes
* Apartment Complex

Special Use Property Appraisals

Special Use Properties

Our commercial real estate appraisers routinely appraise special use properties throughout southwestern Ontario and across the province.

* Livestock Farming Operations
* Car Washes
* Ports & Marina
* Bowling Alleys
* Winery
* Arenas
* Greenhouses
* Funeral Homes
* Boutique Hotels

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